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At G & M Plastics we offer the full range of replacement uPVC roofline and rainwater products, including guttering, soffits, fascia boards and cladding.

Please see the image below, and the descriptions below that, for more information on the different types of roofline product.

uPVC cladding


Expertly installed cladding can really lift a property, while old, damaged or simply tired looking timber cladding can have the opposite effect.

Our uPVC cladding is a stunning, no-maintenance alternative to painted timber. As with all our roofline products, we only use the highest quality uPVC cladding from respected manufacturers, so you can be assured that it will look great on your home. The authentic tongue-and-groove profile on our uPVC cladding is indistinguishable from painted timber, but without any of the painting, preserving or other maintenance.

Fascia boards

There are two types of fascia available: replacement and capping board. Capping is a lower cost option, where new uPVC fascia boards are fixed over the top of the existing timber, completely concealing the old.

All manufacturers have their own range of fascia boards with their own styles and choice of colours. Therefore we stock a range of of boards from different manufacturers to allow us to offer you exactly the right board for your property. The most popular colours we use are white, mahogany, light oak and rosewood; however, many more colours are available.


Soffit board also comes in a range of different styles and colours, normally specifically designed to match fascia boards.

There are different types of soffit available: flat board, pre-vented and hollow. It's very important that the correct soffit type is selected for your property, particularly when it comes to ventilation.


When carrying out any fascia or soffit work it's very important that roof space ventilation is properly assessed.

Where ventilation is required, this is usually achieved by fitting either pre-vented soffit boards or an over-fascia venting system. We are fully qualified is advising which system would best suit your property.

Barge board

Barge boards are similar to fascias, and therefore all the major manufacturers supply a range of barge boards specifically designed to match their fascia products.

uPVC guttering


Leaking or blocked guttering can cause rainwater to run down the walls of your property, with the potential to cause serious damp problems. Choosing the right uPVC guttering to compliment your new fascia boards is, therefore, an important and personal choice. Of course, we will use our experience and expoertise to advise your on the best type of guttering to suit your property.

As with all roofline products, there is a wide range of styles and colours available from the different manufacturers. The main colours used are black, white and brown, although many others are available, including a stunning cream ogee range.

Along with choosing a colour, various styles are also available on the market. These include half round, square line, deep flow and ogee.

Free site survey and no obligation quote

Your property is unique to you and no two jobs are the same. This means it's impossible to provide cover-all prices on our website, but no job can be accurately priced until we've seen it.

Therefore - to give an accurate idea of the cost of your project - we will arrange a free survey. This involves our surveyor visiting you at a convenient time to measure and discuss the right products for your home. Based on this, we will then be able to provide a fixed, no hidden costs quote for the job.

If you would like to arrange a free survey and quote, please contact us.

customer guarantee

Professional, qualified installation service

We only use the highest quality roofline and guttering products from reputable, well-known providers. As a result, all the products we use come with a comprehensive 10 year manufacturers guarantee, providing the correct installation procedure has been adhered to.

Unfortunately incorrect fitting is a common problem in the roofline industry, particularly with some low cost, less reputable firms, who cut corners to keep their prices down. Correct fitting procedures are absolutely crucial, not only to make sure the installed products look good and perform properly in the rain, but not least because manufacturers guarantees are void if their products aren't installed correctly.

That's why all our installers are fully qualified and have years of experience installing these products. So you can be assured that your roofline and guttering will be installed properly, and backed up by comprehensive guarantees.

We're here to help

Should you have any questions that we have not covered in this section, please feel free to contact us. We are always happy to hear from you.